Diary life

Building more walls to protect myself.

I don’t think my mother to repeat the old story. Mum said that “I saw a photo on Facebook. It was a petite girl. Their family looked very happy.”
I still smiled with my mother but I feel a little forced. I tried to reassure myself. Not because of regret but sadness for myself.
We didn’t come together with love. So, there is no reason I have to regret it. They have the right to be happy. So am I.
Just, what I want has not come to me. It is my own. I thought I always opened my heart but I was wrong. I’m just trying to build more walls to protect myself. More and more. Day by day.
Right now, I feel completely empty in the whole life. That feeling lasts only a few minutes. However, I felt it deeply. Currently, I have no choice but to continue my plans. Plan to build more and more walls 😀

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